There have been quite a few diary entries from Jim Acosta on his timeline while covering the protests in the D.C. area. He has provided a number of detailed entries, replete with photos and videos. He is showing quite a bit, from the crowds gathering, the damage to area businesses and landmarks.

Considering the seemingly comprehensive coverage from CNN’s beta-dog of D.C. there were a number of people who picked up on a notable omission from Acosta’s coverage.

Yes, seems that Mr. Acosta has forgotten about his deep concern about those open-back-up protests from recent weeks. Those were considered very troubling and dangerous gatherings, because they had guns and ”stormed” buildings…to uh, stand around and sometimes shout.

But Jim also has been deeply concerned over the fact that those people had not properly distanced from each other.

Just add this to the list of items that suddenly have changed in the media narrative the past couple of weeks. People ”storming” a state capitol in an orderly fashion were problematic, but those burning down businesses are excused. People who gathered peacefully were angry over government overreach were said to be dangerous, but rioters are said to have valid social grievances. And the same police who have been called to arrest barbers and gym owners are told to stand down when anarchists are torching a city.

A week ago churches opening were said to be the most dangerous decision, leading to the death of grandparents, but now when these groups amass in large quantities there is no word of condemnation over the greater health threat they pose.

Right – beachgoers were said to be a grave danger to the nation last month. Hordes torching cars and smashing up businesses, not so much.

Almost would appear to the cynical mind that Jim Acosta and his allies in the media have an agenda-driven double-standard when it comes to protests. To see these wildly opposing interpretations playing out in just a matter of days makes the joke of their narrative even more obvious.

If there is any good news to come out of these moronic riots it is that the media hectoring over distancing and masks can be completely ignored going forward.

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