When commemorating a championship achievement in professional sports the players and team staff are traditionally outfitted with an opulent ring. The World Series Champion Washington Nationals have their rings ready to be distributed for the players.

There is a remarkable amount of detail in the rings, created by the jeweler Jostens.

To go along with the engraved graphics there are signifiers with the number of jewels added to each ring, highlighting various achievements by the team en route to the championship. But one of the figures had some scratching their heads.

No one has a firm grasp on what the ”duality” is they are referencing. Is it the prior baseball franchise in town, the Washington Senators? The previous incarnation of the Montreal Expos? Well, it is not up to us to complain, it is their ring to adorn as they see fit.

Looking over all of the facets included as shown in this video reveal shows it is rather impressive.

** Record Scratch

We are sorry,  hold on a tic  — what was that engraved on the inner portion of the ring?!?!

Yes, they actually went there. That interminable kid’s internet ditty, ”Baby Shark” had become a tradition with the team during its run to the championship.

It is a touchstone portion of the season, and who are we to call into question how this will be looked at years down the road? Like some, we just look at those rings and, while gorgeous, cannot help but think — ”Those rubies sure make the Walgreens logo stand out!