In ”Jurassic Park” Dr. Ian Malcolm famously says, ”Life..uh, er, um..finds a way”. In this country, with an unburdened free market, we see repeatedly that also, ”Capitalism finds a way”. It’s kind of what we do, and how we have been built.

That spirit is on display as today’s biggest news item has already become a commerce item. Just as the Democrats and the press (yes, yes – redundant, we get that) were primed to spend the entire weekend making froth out of the fact that we are reaching 100,000 coronavirus deaths, Joe Biden opened his mouth and sent the narrative down the ravine.

White House reporter from WaPo Josh Dawsey reports how the Trump campaign headquarters has already capitalized on Biden’s now-infamous gaffe.

Yes, these are real, and yes they are managing to enrage a number of those not enraged by what Joe Biden said.

Hahaha – seriously. Biden saying a racist comment is far less offensive than pointing out that Biden said a raacist comment.

Savvy move there – using racism to defend Biden’s racist remark.

Great point, except No.

This is the left these days; after saying Biden’s quote was taken out of context while it was not, they use an inaccurate out of context quote from Trump to make their point.

And, of course, showing Biden’s quote is the real offensive part of this.


Oh, sweetie…really?!

After all, he is properly attributed right there on the shirt. It’s hard to miss.

But the fun to be had is watching all those triggered by the obvious troll.

Sure, he is allegedly the first politician to use their office for personal gain. Hot take. Now, what size shirt are you again…?


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