Even during a pandemic — you know, ”in these trying times” — it seems that all of the anxiety and strife has not been enough to put a stop to the social justice warriors. You might think with so many important problems to deal with that getting hysterical about the perceived racism in a disposable thriller movie. Nope, there is always time for imbalanced virtue signaling.

With theaters closed for a duration yet to go there has been a shift to releasing new titles directly to the Video On Demand market, and the latest from Mel Gibson had its trailer released this week. Mel plays an island resident, a former cop, as a major hurricane is bearing down on the territory when during the storm a group of criminals stage a heist.

This looks like your boilerplate direct-to-video thriller plot, with a weather-related twist added in, leading to a mildly distracting hour-and-a-half.

Wait…please hold — we are getting some more information…

Oh, pardon our error. No, it turns out this innocuous movie that we figured to be a mild distraction and easily forgotten is actually a painfully offensive hate-crime against culture and all people who are decent!!!

In case the ALL CAPS did not tip it off for you all, she is very upset about this.

Not sure how she has such detailed critiques on a film she has yet to see, but maybe she got a screener. But knowing people from Puerto Rico it can be noted that there are in fact plenty of gringos living on the island, so this is not a ”racist” stretch.

Man, these people are REALLY en fuego over this movie!  It makes you wonder, as hateful as this is and offensive to all Puerto Rican natives, why the local government would approve of it being filmed there? Or why the cast of Puerto Rican actors decided to perform in it?? Or why the Puerto Rican producer decided to even make it???

You have to be kidding, right? Had they gone to that length these same people would be barking about the erasing of the Puerto Rican culture, or such.

”Force Of Nature” will be available for streaming on most platforms, June 30.

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