For far too long now we have been dealing with Democrats and members of the media tossing praise at the communist leadership of China. Sure they have unleashed a global scourge, lied about its initial existence, delayed notifying other nations, and distributed flawed products to healthcare workers battling the outbreak — but they are doing great work!

The fact that people are pointing out this level of support seems to be starting to affect the good Senator from Hawaii, Brian Schatz. He had a stern comment to make regarding this issue — problem is, it was not a smart comment.

This sounds like he is responding to the Rose Garden presser yesterday where the President was heard taking a firmer position of being critical of China when baited by CBS reporter, but he did not think things through. So, you say you will not support China accidentally, Senator?

You most certainly can ask! Just…do not expect to get anything approximating an answer from the man.

Well now this is just unfair, telling a politician what it is his job description entails.

Well we are sure — that they are not.

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