With all of the pandemic news flooding the media, and the numerous ways the press is butchering facts and delivering misinformation you would think the do-gooders at SNOPES would be overwhelmed. But that would only be the case if the outlet was an unbiased and neutral fact-ferreting site.

Since the selective-muckrakers there hate to slam the press too harshly they manage to find time to look elsewhere. One outlet that has been especially sharp during the pandemic — and especially needed — has been our friends at The Babylon Bee. The arbiters of truth over at Snopes, meanwhile, have never picked up on the fact that their desire to fact-check jokes makes them look insipid and inconsequential.

So in its desire to avoid actual fact-checking of hard news the laser-sharp minds at Snopes felt the need to once again correct a parody website.

A rather wry take on the established anti-Semitism Omar has displayed. Snopes, upon seeing this dastardly misinformation, pounced into action. The corrective website is diligently on the case, protecting us from satire.

Now get ready. In its desire to set the record straight on a parody Snopes actually managees to sound more ridiculous than the comedic entry itself. Behold this subheadline the fact savants posted–

A quote needn’t makes sense for some people to believe it’s genuine.”

So they are effectively saying some people are too stupid to understand obvious humor. Does this not mean then that if people are actually seeking out the correction for the Omar ”story” Snopes is saying its own readers are the ones too stupid to glean an obvious parody?

This – explains so much.

In justifying its authoritarian approach to a joke the writer, David Emory, gave his site this explainer that seems to indicate he is aiming for a position at Vox someday down the road.

Unfortunately, satire often isn’t recognizable as such in social media posts, which rarely carry the appropriate disclaimers, nor on blogs and websites (such as CNMNewz.com) that repost articles from sites such as The Babylon Bee without alerting readers that they’re satirical in nature.

We are just going to go out on a limb and suggest that if anyone is possibly being swayed in their social views by seriously consuming current events from a website that spells its content as ”Newz”, they are not likely to be corrected by Snopes anytime soon.

Considering all of the misinformation floating around about the Wuhan Virus, and all of the media lies and hysterics they have been reporting you would think Snopes would be deluged with those instances to cover. Instead this week it worked on finding out the truth about Corona beer sales plunging in the pandemic, whether they are still selling a Donald Trump-y Bear (THEY ARE!) and debunking that Dominos Pizza has coupons online for 2 free pies.

People are so dumb, they believe this stuff??? Well good thing Snopes is around to help their dumb audience to figure out these complex news items that otherwise might be believed.

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