It has been a surprising week where the media has actually begun to cover the story of Tara Reade’s allegations regarding Joe Biden. With the grudging coverage taking place others in the press are clinging to their devotion to Joe Biden, either refusing to acknowledge Reade or going on the offensive and tearing into her story.

Falling into that second class is New York Magazine, and in its defense of Biden, the magazine has made a startling admission regarding the real challenge of the accusations. It is not that Joe Biden could be seen as a sexual predator — it is that Joe Biden might be seen…at all.

So those times that Biden is not speaking, and away from the public eye, he is at his ”at his best”. Actually, we cannot argue about this point. The way he has been behaving and displaying everything from instability, confusion, and drowsiness means that, yes – the less he makes appearances the better.

It is just a bit jarring to see a major media source making this admission.

Joe Biden’s most effective campaign strategy has been to lie low and let people vote for whatever imagined version of Joe Biden congealed inside their heads. On Friday, he went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the Tara Reade allegations. It was not a good argument for changing this strategy.

The rest of the piece concerns the allegations and the effects of the campaign, all while circling back to the central premise; the less Biden there is the better it is for Joe Biden.

With this dose of candor being served, there are ideas what the campaign can do going forward.

You can certainly see the sweat forming on the brows of both those on the Biden campaign, as well as select members of the media trying to keep Joe in the proper lighting.

Hard to put this reality in a more succinct fashion. And, as catchy as that phrase can be, they could conceivably end up using it. Honestly, could it be worse than what they have going now?


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