It is hard sometimes to pin down exactly what it is about the Never-Trump crowd that makes them so appealing and amusing. It could be the smug way they behave as superior while offering up inferior punditry. It also can be the concept of them insisting how they are the final arbiters of ”True Conservatism” while giving ardent support behind hyper-leftist policies and politicians.

One other component is the ”J-Rube Affliction”, named after everyone’s favorite Washington Post conservative columnist. The JRC is how the NT-ers, with regularity, will contradict their own position, as long as their current messaging is consistently in opposition to President Trump, named after Jennifer Rubin who manages on a weekly basis to offer up scalding hot takes which contradict her own previous tepid takes.

The latest comes from the infamous source of empirical expertise, Tom Nichols. He weighed in of the Tara Reade sexual harassment scandal and managed to take the position in opposition to MSNBC and criticize the woman alleging the sexual assault of Joe Biden.

Seems Tom is offering up a disqualifying act here committed by Reade. If she fails to recall and fails to keep a record of her complaint then she should have her claim dismissed.

Um, unless she keeps a record, which then is a sign of disturbing behavior and therefore meaning they should have the claim dismissed. At least that had previously been Tom’s position on such matters.

So by Tom’s reckoning, if you are the type of diligent person who retains personal records for decades you are someone unqualified for a higher office, unless you come forward to challenge someone vying for a higher office then you are unqualified as a source for failing to retain personal records for decades, as Tom does himself. It makes PERFECT sense…if you are an imbalanced Orange-Man-Satanic NT zealot.

Tom made a strained attempt to wriggle free of the mental entanglement of his own making, and he only managed to ensnare himself further.

Oh…kay, we guess…??? Keeping ”a copy of every word I wrote” is how Tom states things should be done, as it is the very act of expertise. But if it is someone who is supported by the president then their act of keeping such copies is bizarre and disqualifying.

It is almost as if Nichols – like all of the other Never-Trump hysterics – has no real standing principles on matters, just as long as he is consistently saying something that will hinder Trump, in any fashion. It is also as if he is incapable of checking in on his own prior comments regarding any subject.

Though we are a bit confused by the reference in this era of no sports, it is a great one nonetheless.


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