What is it about cleaning products and the president that causes the press to lose their minds? Weeks ago it was blaming him for the death of a man for mixing fish tank cleaner supposedly at his instruction. After that story unraveled they are back at it, now trying to put words in the mouth of Trump to have him allegedly telling people to inject Lysol or bleach to ward off the Wuhan.

CNN’s S.E. Cupp is jumping on the new narrative, and she is using one of the patented media methods of feeding the headline readers. Here she is pushing thee misleading headline from the NY Daily News.

What is ”bad” is the fact that in the article they quote as their source the Poison Control Center, and what they described was slightly different.

The Poison Control Center, a subagency of the city’s Health Department, managed a total of 30 cases of possible exposure to disinfectants between 9 p.m. Thursday and 3 p.m. Friday, a spokesman said.

Now we are not trained toxicologists here at Twitchy, but it seems that the instance of people ”contacting” Poison Control over ”possible exposure” is a far cry from claiming people were ”ingesting” caustic substances. Backing up this lack of hysteria, and also undermining the entire narrative, is this detail that did not seem headline-worthy to the paper, not S.E. Cupp.

None of the people who reached out died or required hospitalization, the spokesman said.

It appears a bit surprising that while noting that the number of these type of calls doubled from last year and the headline is blaring that the people ingested caustic cleaning solutions, that the amount of those requiring hospitalizations — or a coroner  — were exactly ZERO.

Now look at you, applying pragmatic and critical thinking to a story. You will never be hired at CNN by betraying that kind of skill set.

Yeeeaaaaa…this seems a tad close to the contradiction side of things. Cupp is in a panic over people exposed to bleach, while Cuomo’s wife is touting being immersed in Clorox.

This is the paradox: The president does not say something, the press claims he says something, therefore anyone who allegedly follows the alleged quotes are actually doing so because of what the PRESS had said.

Now – we hate to say that you were being redundant, but you were being redundant, in a repetitive echoing fashion. CNN and BS are becoming as closely joined as Mac and Cheeze.