We would like to set up a scene for you to imagine–


(Staff Locker Room At Hospital, Emergency Ward)

NURSE 1 – ”I am at the end of my rope. I just worked 12 hours with no break, barely any food, I do not know if I have been exposed, and I have no idea when I will see my family again.”

NURSE 2 – ”All of our ventilators are being used and now I hear we may be running low on PPE gear as well”

NURSE 1 – ”I don’t know how much more I can take”

NURSE 2 (looking at phone, stands up excitedly) – ”You won’t BELIEVE this! There’s a boat, out in the river saluting us by driving in circles!!!”

NURSE 1 (wipes away a tear while looking at the phone) – ”I’m going to ask the supervisor if I can stay on and work another double shift, right now!”


Okay yes, a bit melodramatic and far-fetched, we admit. Except…

There was one detail in that brief tableau we presented that was in fact accurate.

Okay, look — we here at Twitchy fully understand what the healthcare workers across the globe are going through, and they are true heroes right now. We don’t want to be those people looking sourly on any outreach or show of support. They deserve all the applause, and far more.

But…this??? This kind of baffles us. A boat turning circles in the river. Okay, we suppose…if that delivers the message. But — does it, though?

Things took — to use a phrase here — a real turn.

Some would think that, in lieu of a boat spinning donuts in the water, maybe showing up in the ER with a few dozen donuts for the workers would be a better sign of support

Even those taking a stern approach could not stay serious for long.

You know the gesture has drifted from its intended moorings when a supposedly solemn gesture leads to a Boaty McBoatface reference.

Okay, maybe that was harsh.