As more of the coronavirus is studied the more details begin to descend into focus. Some researchers have been looking into why males appear to be affected by a slightly more severe case of this virus once contracted. Men who come out and survive this could be considered to be ballers, as there is now a suspected reason behind the effects based on gender.

So men, do not dis-pair…this is not a fully peer-reviewed study.

Still, this will lead to plenty of speculation.

This is a great point — if the ratio of infection is 1/0.77, or less, I doubt we will here much in the way of complaints.

But since viruses do not recognize politicallycorrect norms this is going to lead to some thorny issues.

Confusion is sure to abound in some circles.

The rationale behind all of this is that the virus attaches itself to a particular protein, which has a high concentration in the male reproductive system and is shielded there from attack.

This protein, known as angiotensin converting enzyme 2, or ACE2, is present in the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract and the heart in addition to large quantities in the testicles. But since testicles are walled off from the immune system, the virus could harbor there for longer periods than the rest of the body, according to the study.

Hmmm. Is there a different type of mask we’d need to wear… ?