One of the positive reactions this week to come out of the White House has been the announcement that we will be suspending financial support of the World Health Organization. President Trump has said we will be looking into the WHO and deciding if we will continue will funding down the road.

Many in the general public have seen this as a pragmatic decision, but there has been a pair of groups loudly outspoken in opposition to the decision — Democrats, and the mainstream media…not to be redundant. Those opposed are clearly doing so as knee-jerk rebuttal the president (again, redundant.)

One outspoken voice to the move was from Rep. Gil Cisneros, of California.

Uh…anyone want to tell him…? Maybe we can clue in Gil on the current state of our national health.

According to Rep. Cisneros, if we fail to fork over cash to WHO our country could see its health become at risk, and our economy suffers as a result. Considering how bad we have it currently, we’d hate to see this scenario Cisneros would consider to be actually bad!

There is a decent way of exposing what a bunch of hacks these people are who are blindly supporting the failed WHO.

Exactly. There are plenty of fawning voices telling us how vital WHO is to our health interests — there are zero showing us what they do.

Yet on the other side, there is ample evidence to show what a failed outfit the Chinese sympathizers at WHO truly are, in recent history.

If it is so vital that WHO remains funded, there is another option.

Boom. Problem solved. They can act as China’s PR firm, and we can then go on and ignore them. Sure, it will be putting us at risk of a widespread global pandemic.

(Looks out window). I wonder how bad things would be if we had not been doling cash to that impotent organization. We probably could have afforded more ventilators…