When Trump Derangement eclipses your journalistic principles it can be sad. For you, the journalist. For the rest of us, it can become pretty funny.

The latest ”gotcha” is involving President Trump and his mentioning of gas prices. In a recent speech, he made a comment about the cost per gallon falling below $1.00. James Hohmann, who is a correspondent for the Washington Post, really felt he caught President Trump in a lie, and he attempted to dunk on him — and he ends up on the disabled list as a result.

Interesting — Hohmann has come up with this ironclad proof that Trump lied about this, yet there is all of this bothersome evidence lying around.

Could that be the case? These are the people who are railing loudly about the president mentioning anything about medications, who love to correct the man who is advised daily by healthcare experts. And basic arithmetic principals such as fractions elude them.

Who would have guessed someone who is a journalistical presser and can science good while being an expert at medicationatics might have some trouble with mathing like this. But here we are, having to explain how averages work.

We mean, based on averages, stuff is completely as it seems.

Sure, his take is what was stupid.

We just checked your answer and you showed your work. This is the correct answer.