It has been a tough week for Julia Ioffe – and it is only Monday! Just yesterday she was caught up in the bogus Pat Robertson story, and now today she has continued to show her stark struggles with the basic precepts of research. Only this time she has not only been exposed as lacking the skills in that department — she has also basically admitted to it.

It appears the latest JournoList style talking point has gone out to the press corps, one once again fed by Media Matters. Within days there has been a wide assortment of media members all chiming in that President Trump is overselling the possible coronavirus remedy hydroxychloroquine. Here is MMFA operative Matt Gertz showing how he kicked off the narrative for the press to follow.

Julia joined in that chorus this evening. She did so in a curious fashion.

Um…Julia? As a writer myself (albeit one lacking your J-school pedigree, flashy industry contacts, and sycophantic devotion to the state) I am slightly curious about something myself in your content. If I could be so crass as to answer your question with a question: ‘AREN’T YOU A JOURNALIST?!

It seems surprising that you would not actually delve into a story such as this where you at least exhibit a modicum of curiosity. It is absolutely astounding, however, that you would come out and admit that you have no intention to ever look into this detail.

Another aspect in all of this slanted coverage is that notice New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been equally enthusiastic about obtaining the drug — but curiously he has not been equally coming under criticism for being ”so hung up” on it.

Now, because we here at Twitchy want to sometimes be a helpful voice (instead of always being a snark-factory) let us offer up this helpful news report for Julia Ioffe. It shows how thousands of doctors from nearly three dozen countries are also ”hung up” on the possibility of hydroxychloroquine becoming a useful agent to fight this outbreak.

Understanding this is not a story fed by Media Matters means that she is unlikely to take it seriously, but after all – she did ask for help on the matter.