We know, we get it.

One thing we have in this country is a surplus of entertainers who manage to talk their way into political situations well over their head. And frankly they hold such little sway with the general population any longer (note how many backed the losing candidate Hillary Clinton) that mentioning them is not really needed. But sometimes you just need to laugh.

Sebastian Bach, who appeared on a 5 episode arc on ”Trailer Park Boys”, was among the many who weighed in with his opinion on Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow and his visit to the White house. Bach seemed particularly bothered by the businessman’s arrival in the Rose Garden.

That is some deeply reasoned and trenchant political commentary from the guy who ironically played Gil on ”Gilmore Girls”.  But he continued, displaying less than a firm grasp on the entire situation even after some tried to steer him onto the roadway of reason.

The actor did not even grasp this facet of the story.

Then, once it was spelled out for him that Lindell was fabricating in-demand surgical masks at his factory, the thespian still managed to trip over himself in his outrage.

Clearly we are dealing with a mind who operates only on headlines and fed talking points.

Yep, I think the one thing that the guy who played Tony on ”Californication” has displayed in his confusion about pillows being medical supplies is that he is a lot smarter that the man running the country. In truth, he is no smarter than the guy running his Twitter account.