There has been no shortage of crackpot ideas and theories that have reared up as a result of this country dealing with the effects of this viral pandemic. Look at how many people have analyzed either the results of the outbreak, or the governmental reaction to it, and have formed wildly inaccurate summations of what they are looking at.

There appear to be two rotating and interchangeable themes with the socialist-minded thinkers in this country. Either they declare that the government has failed us and as a result, they call for more government, or they declare that Trump has been the one to fail us, so their solution is to give him more control over things.

In this age of upheaval, it seems that getting it wrong is the driving force in the reactionary set. Note how many people looked at the store shelves of missing products and thought they had a pithy rejoinder to capitalism, suggesting it was a sign of its failure. What they were witnessing was a brief rush, instigated by an induced panic. In the equation of supply-and-demand, you had an exaggerated influence.  Once the supply chain catches up things will return to balance.

In capitalism, this appearance of a lack of goods was an artificial anomaly. In socialism they call that ”Tuesday”, and the goods never do arrive.

Another mistake made was assessing the government’s action in reaction to the virus. Some were declaring that the promised government checks were a sign of socialist acts.

Now, we know you THINK you are making some grand comment here, but the practice of giving taxpayers their own money back is actually the opposite of socialism.

Then there was this ill-conceived thought.

Talk about a false premise. Nobody has ever said that is the purpose of capitalism. It is a system that allows YOU the opportunity to earn enough to keep your family alive. And, if you really want to delve into what is involved with keeping families alive, best not to mention the exterminations that took place under Russian and Chinese socialist programs. In other words, you do NOT want to delve.

But possibly one of our favorite concepts is delivered by that Bernie-Loving gang over at Jacobin Magazine. They have taken a look over the landscape of the country and found something that is working with an almost astounding efficiency, and the first thought that comes to them is to wrest control and give it to the very government they have complained about.

The ”logic” they employ here is as amusing as it gets. The magazine posits there is a need for people to have goods supplied to them, and while lending some very heavy criticism against the retail giant it comes up with this proposal:

So, where to turn? The United States Postal Service (USPS) boasts an effective logistics infrastructure but lacks the supply chain to quickly start delivering those essential goods. Yet we already have a monopolistic entity with a strong supply chain that could be repurposed to serve social goals instead of private profit: Amazon.

Oh, for the love of…

Where to begin. You want to turn over a vastly successful operation to the Postal Service, an entity that has not been able to operate at a profit for years. The USPS has lost billions of dollars consistently every year, and it does not even have inventory to contend with; it is mostly trucks and people. Meanwhile, Amazon has developed its own supply chain with such a level of success it can sometimes get goods to customers the same day.

By all means, let’s take that success and give it over to the outfit approaching a $10 billion loss annually.

Loss of money, decreased efficiency, questionable delivery status, and unavailability of goods would be the result. And this is looked at as a solution, to what the socialists look at as ”problem” — a wildly successful company that can actually get needed goods to customers in a rapid turnaround.

They are from the government, and they are here to ”help”. We should turn aa firehose on them the moment they open their humus-holes.