Jay Rosen is really on a tear of late. The NYU School of Journalism professor, who is molding the minds of future members of the media, is really displaying a deranged level of distemper. I guess he feels unshackled, with school canceled and not needing to adhere to the tenets of journalistic ethics.

Rosen’s latest imbalanced screed involves targeting Fox News as somehow becoming culpable for the deaths of many due to coronavirus. While this does echo some of the narratives offered up by many over the past few weeks, Rosen is ramping things up, suggesting that an actual court case is a possibility if a suit is brought against Fox News.

So much comedy abounds here. This, for one, shows how this new push for legal action against Fox derives from Media Matters. Secondly, Jay Rosen is taking marching orders from that group. Third, note how the journalism authority is taking third-hand anonymous information as gospel truth. A source from MSNBC cites ”insiders” as supposedly expressing concern over the potential for a lawsuit. Well researched, professor!

Joining in on this idiocy is famed (red, ”Infamous”) Democrat operative lawyer Michael Bromwich, he of recent work for Andrew McCabe, and Christine Blasey Ford.

I think we can expect to see the needle moved about as well as it did during the Brett Kavanaugh attempted hit job.

What these legal wizards suffer from – apart from the obvious derangement – is too narrow of a focus. Let us just suppose there is some type of legal basis for just such a lawsuit, that we could claim injury by any source that was, say, downplaying the severity of the coronavirus outbreak. Would they not all be named as a defendant in the case?

WaPo seemed to be especially lax about things.


And what about the WHO? They could take the stand, as that body has some explaining to do.

And hey, how about the members of our Democratic leadership? After all, they have been some of the loudest to complain about complacency, so I am sure they would want anyone who gave out poor advice in the face of this outbreak to be held to legal accountability.

How about Chuck Schumer…

Bill DeBlasio…?

Understand the narrative they have attempted to force-feed on us — many of us have heard how President Trump ”did nothing” while downplaying the threat of the virus, and that Fox News supposedly drove this narrative. Yet take a look at the numerous examples given here of those discounting the threat.

Many of those media headlines arrive AFTER Trump imposed a travel ban on China. Throughout the month of February, the administration was making moves to address the issue while Democrats were encouraging people to go out and gather.

This is going to be one massive class-action lawsuit, considering both sides of the media AND both sides of the political divide are seen to be responsible!