By now we have all become accustomed to television journalists and pundits doing remote broadcasts from their homes during this Wuhan Covid nightmare scenario. Yet despite this contemporary reality, it seems that this is a novel concept in the mind of Chris Cillizza, CNN’s…uh, on-air electronic presence…?? (Seriously, we are not sure how to classify the man anymore.)

Chris sent out a tweet to announce he will be doing what dozens of media personalities have already been doing, and frm this vantage we get a true glimpse into the mind of the man who seems most in love with himself.

So in his tweet about Chris doing Chris’s show from inside Chris’s office at Chris’s home what is that we spy over Chris’s shoulder?

Uh…yea. I mean seriously, what did we expect to be in his picture frames – family photos, world leaders, major personalities he appeared with on camera?  Nope, just the most influential person on Cillizza’s career.

The Tribiani reference also applies on the mental level, so this is just golden.

No, see – Chris is convinced of his greatness, so this would never fly.

Never going to happen. Considering how he has gotten ratioed on this tweet he will not open himself up to that level of self-realization.


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