The media running itself as the PR division of the Chinese government has been a growingly disgusting aspect of our current journalist sector. We may have come across one of the more glaring examples.

Moving past the ”racist” label being attached to a virus, CNBC has gone full press release cheerleader for the country that has currently infected the planet.

It seems CNBC feels no one else is noticing they are joining in with the cabal of media outlets who have been promoting the Chinese party line regarding the viral outbreak. Except, many noticed.

Yea, this calls for the graphic that has summed things up in the press for the past few weeks.

Look, we get it — companies need to stay on the good side of the government leadership or potentially lose out on future business on the mainland. But you can stay on the good side of the government officials without resorting to these pandering gaslight methods here in the states.

When any media outlets go to this level they only come off sounding like pandering Chi-Com teat-weasels.

Essentially true, but once they stoop to this level…


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