For quite a few weeks now the New York Times writer and frequent CNN guest panelist Wajahat Ali has been attempting to inject himself into the public discourse as a serious voice. Problem is he tries doing so on CNN. Second problem, he thinks playing the role of a condescending crap-weasel, to make other leftists journos giggle, is the path to becoming a serious journalist.

Recall, Ali was on that trainwreck of a segment on Don Lemon’s show with Rick Wilson (free advice – don’t ever follow Wilson’s lead). Now he has attempted to take his snark-fest to Britt Hume. Not to suggest that Hume is not more than capable of rendering this churlish writer, but the humor here is Ali has already surrendered.

To explain, it begins with Hume’s response to a David French tweet about the questions President Trump faced at his last briefing.

Ali decided to leap to French’s defense. Only…he managed to land on a rake in the process.

Now, Ali is clearly addressing other journalists in this tweet, but he refers to them — as what now??

And that comment on Britt Hume’s age is problematic, as they say. I thought journalists were revered for their career wisdom, not denigrated with ageism when you disagree with their politics.

Yea, this is like someone on a playground trying to heckle the businessmen across the street. Ali would certainly agree.

We may need more vulgarities for that description.

The best is that Wajahat can be summed up and dismissed with one pithy tweet.

Let us just remember going forward, it is now acceptable to refer to the media as children. Wajahat Ali has confirmed this to be true.


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