Not to foist any further attention onto this crater of a personality that occupies a stratum well below the content-free Kardashians, this is really just to help those who may be feeling anxiety over the quarantine and the affiliated stress that might bring. It could help one to feel better to realize how much better off you are that you are not this deficient in the brainpan.

One thing has been brought to light in stark fashion during the global pandemic is that our younger generations — the Millennials especially — are not (speaking of ”brought to light”) especially bright.

Just one example is this news report speaking to spring breakers to get their reactions to the various activities of protection taking place with the viral outbreak.

That is just painful to watch. But it is far from the worst. Allow us to introduce you to Ava Louise, a self-described influencer, which is the contemporary term being used these days for an ”attention whore”. Ava basically lives on social media and subsists on likes/replies/RTs and basically any form of interaction that directs the focus onto her vacuous form.

So desperate for a reaction Ava attempted to kick off a new viral trend — literally.

If you need any more help in seeing just how impaired this cerebrally-challenged individual is, that is an airline bathroom she is in. The reactions to her stunt were less than praiseworthy.

So true. She’s already let herself be exposed to Chinese malware and other incursions using that app, why not expose herself to the Wuhan Flu as well?!

To really get a sense of the tired hamster that is running on a wheel between her ears, Ava posted a follow-up video, entitled shamelessly ”WHY I LICKED THE TOILET SEAT”. We defy you to last to the end.


So there, take some comfort, if you can. If things are bad off for you at the moment just be confident now that you are vastly better equipped to deal with the challenges than many others out there.