With the world gripped in a bout of anxiety over the Wuhan coronavirus one way we have been grounded by the crisis is when Hollywood has been affected because <sarc> they are this society’s betters and are actually America’s royalty.</sarc.>

We all were equally affected last week when it was announced that Tom Hanks and his actress wife had both contracted The Wuhan. Now as more stories come rolling in we learn that one other major name has been targeted — James Bond!

With our society essentially becoming a sprawling shuttered neighborhood one industry feeling the impact has been Hollywood. Ahead of an expected downturn in the marketplace, a number of big-name titles have been removed from the release schedule by the studios. One of those has been the latest in the 007 franchise.

This will be an ongoing challenge, as titles taken from the schedule need to find dates on an already populated calendar.

But in addition to the outbreak pushing the movie aside, there was a more direct threat reported. One of the actors who has been looked at as the heir apparent following Daniel Craig for the James Bond role has been Idris Elba. While that possibility remains in the balance some more dire news has arrived.

This is starting to appear like an oddly specific targeting by this virus!  We closing down now and heading over to the Sean Connery account RIGHT NOW!