For days now there has been an outcry in the press about whether or not President Trump has been tested for the Wuhan coronavirus. The media who have been criticizing the alleged lack of attention being paid to medical experts were taking on the role of medical experts in diagnosing the need for Trump to undergo testing.

After they underscored this need to have the president screened the White House took on additional measures. Ahead of a scheduled press briefing all those to be in attendance had to be scanned for their temperatures. Anyone found to have a fever were excluded from the presser.

And it appears that someone was caught up in this safety screening. This action undertaken by the White House becomes yet another example in this viral crisis of President Trump being damned if he does or does not do something.

It was said he was damaging his presidency by not closing off our travel access, and then the moment he blocked flights he was called a xenophobe. It was commanded that he provide relief for workers who may become furloughed and sent home, then when he offered to rescind taxes it was called a political ploy.

Case in point — after days of saying it was irresponsible that the president had yet to be tested, he does get the test performed and what is the reaction? It is an act of privilege for him to do so.

Now, after a week of being said that he was not talking his personal health seriously, when precautions are in place regarding those people who are his immediate contacts it was called a conspiracy.

There was a follow-up report, that the person in question had been measured for a fever multiple times, and came back with a high temperature each time.

Yet this still has the perpetually resentful set — get this – acting resentful.

Yes, WHY?!?!   There just MUST be a reason!

Genius stuff. The White House set a trap so that it could lay the blame for an impending infection on a member of the media! Of course, in order for this to work, they first needed a reporter to show up to an official White House function with a fever…and then NOT keeping the reporter away…(we do not have all of the details on this fleshed out just yet.)

Now about that reporter showing up sick —

And it appears it will ever be the case regarding this Wuhan virus. No matter what the president and/or the administration does or does not do, regarding the same detail, it will be cause for outrage. This comes down to not listening to any of the caterwauling taking place, as all of it means nothing.

The best plan of all, right there.


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