While no one is at all shocked that Hillary Clinton would join in with her fellow Democrats to demonize the Trump administration’s response to the Wuhan virus it is a little surprising she would be THIS inept in doing so. We can understand the drive to slam ANYthing that Trump does, but when your own record is rather provable on the matter maybe staying quiet is the best course, huh?

Clinton sat in with Fareed Zakaria to discuss the Wuhan Flu and the Trump actions regarding the spread of the pathogen. This being Hillary, of course, she could not resist injecting herself into the issue for self-aggrandizing purposes.

Perhaps with an eye on the Democratic Party convention this summer Hillary burnished her own actions on the subject. The pertinent quote in the video — ”The SARS epidemic, which happened at the very beginning of the Obama administration – as I was Secretary of State at the time – was really a full-court press by the administration.”

Yeeaaahhhh…except – No.  The SARS outbreak occurred in the 2003-2004 era, at least half a decade prior to her and Obama taking office. So, whoops, we guess?

Great, so she has seemingly been inoculated from the truth when being hyper-critical of the Trump administration.

Now some have come forward to attempt defending her, saying that she was simply mistaken and misspoke. What she really was referring to was the H1N1 outbreak that took place in 2009.

Two matters are in play here – one functional, the other factual. She would have been hard-pressed to say she merely mentioned the wrong contagion since, in the questioning, CNN’s Zakaria asked her specifically about the swine flu. But even if we play devil’s advocate and state that she was actually meaning to mention the H1N1 outbreak, this does not help her cause here.

That ”full-court press” reaction to the outbreak led to over 3,600 deaths in North America and over 14,000 fatalities globally. We here at Twitchy are not comforted by her claim of handling a crisis better than we are currently seeing from the Trump administration.

Either she lied about the disease at hand or she mistakenly meant to take credit for the disease that took far more lives. Whichever the case it is still justification for her to sit down and seal up that hummus hole beneath her nose.