Following his brash appearance at CPAC, and a number of the InfoWars individuals being escorted out of the conference, Alex Jones has made the news again. Reports are that Jones was arrested for a DWI stop in the Austin Texas area.

Seems like a man on the way down. Or…is it??

As the full story comes out things appear just a bit suspicious. First reports were that his wife called in a domestic disturbance. Except now we learn he was actually out on the town.

And there it is — IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY! They pull him over for a falsified domestic abuse charge, and then it turns out he was arrested despite not even being legally intoxicated. The evidence is in, and the evidence is real. It’s undeniable!

And further, you can see the blueprint of this entire setup. Jones was compelled to go out onto the streets of Austin by the local government. The Mayor provoked this incident just days earlier.

They are in a bar — and drinking, telling others to do exactly the same thing! Blatant entrapment!

And there it is. The whole plot is now entirely laid out for all to see! The wife calls in a domestic when they were at a restaurant, he ends up getting pulled over due to false charges, they use this traffic stop as a ruse to perform a roadside sobriety test, and ALL of this comes about because Austin Mayor Steve Adler orchestrated the entire incident!!! And…Chemtrails!

Tune in to the Alex Jones Show, on InfoWars for more details…over the course of the next month!