It needs to be accepted — we live in an era where EVERYthing is now politicized. It either has gotten so pervasive as to be draining, or you have to step back and just laugh at how easily people become unhinged. (This latter option is vastly preferred.)

Our entertainment is polluted with commentary, our sports have become radicalized, and every family member on social media is now seemingly a lobbyist for some group or another.

It has become so bad now even our food choices are laden with political import. It is a minefield, from the hate-chicken at Chick-Fil-A, or the racist Papa Johns pizza. Even trying to drown out the pain with alcohol can be problematic — as Scotch can even descend into the activism. 

Well, one story out of Great Britain may help a little. It will not ease the oppression of political involvement, but at least it shows this is not a problem restricted to America. There one tea company has come under social fire over the weekend, and nobody from the company ever said a thing politically tinged.

As a result of this innocuous post people in England rose up in anger. Over tea.

Just to reiterate — Yorkshire had no hand in the post that was made. A politician sent out a tweet of him making tea and people became furious. Amazingly, even after this explanation and the establishing of no political stance there were those STILL looking at this is purely political intolerance.

Here in the States, the particulars of this tweet are a mystery — yet the tinfoil hat mindset translates just perfectly, all the same.

At least we can learn how myopic those complaining about a teabag endorsement can become.

The best example might be this one, where they seem utterly buggered about politics and launch into a lecture on policy positions…to the account of a tea company.

What do you suppose is the British version of ”Okay, Karen…”?

Thankfully we have shrugged off all of this tea controversy after we dumped crates of the stuff in the harbor hundreds of years ago. We are a coffee-drinking nation, one that wants strong brew that actually powers you and motivates you to work even more.

And best of all, nobody is politicizing coffee. Here in America you will never see someone getting outraged in activist fashion over…–