Sometimes a zealot can get so deep into an issue that their passion overrides common sense, and what happens is they accidentally end up exposing the very flaws in a plan you intended to keep hidden.

That very thing happened last week in the Bernie Sanders camp and we almost missed it, with so many other bigger aspects of the issue coming to the fore. What we are talking about here is a little bit involved but stick with it, this gets good.

The issue centers around the Nevada Caucus, the debate for which is taking place tonight. A huge issue there is the various healthcare proposals of the Democrats and the impacts those will have on workers in that state.

The goal for candidates in Nevada is to secure the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, the most politically influential union in the state, representing restaurant workers, bartenders, and housekeeping staff on the Las Vegas strip and casinos across the state.

Turns out the overly-passionate Bernie Bros are getting testy with the Union.

The CWU provides some of the best healthcare plans to be found in the country, and they are not at all impressed by Bernie Sanders and his plan to eliminate private insurance. The Union used a position paper with all of the candidates, and it took exception to the way the Sanders proposal would threaten their health plans. This angered some of his supporters who lashed out at the CWU.

However what was seen as a chance for the other candidates to pick up a much-needed endorsement and possibly catch up to Sanders, who holds a big lead in the polls, fell aside.

Now in response to this conflict one of Bernie’s ardent supporters came forward, Ryan Grim. He delivered a thread at the CWU to explain they were incorrect in their thinking. However in so doing, Grim managed to make a curious admission — the Union had nothing to worry about because the Sanders proposal will never actually pass!

Um…Ryan? Do you realize that what you are saying is that your candidate’s central policy to his campaign has no hope in heaven nor Earth of ever becoming law???

Grim tries to go into details later about details and provisions, but all of that is rendered meaningless by the bold declaration of, ”Relax, it’s never going to pass!” That is an astounding blindspot he has developed.

Makes you wonder what the next political bumper sticker slogan is going to be???

Yea, this was not the way to sell us on your plan. But…the honesty IS refreshing.