A recent breaking news item has shaken the clothing industry. It was announced that RompHim — the maker of the pastel-colored romper for adult males that you have seen worn around exactly nowhere — is going to cease operations.

This does explain the double-digit drop in the retirement portfolio of one of the site’s editors…

The press release attempts to make it sound as if the four partners of the firm have decided on making four separate business decisions, and not that they were incapable of selling

“There are few things in the world quite like building something from scratch. In our case, we got to take an idea – an idea that most people told us was ridiculous – and turn it into a business. When we started out, we said we just wanted to use fashion to try to bring some more joy and self-expression into the world. In the end we managed to do just that … and had some fun and learned some stuff along the way.”

Huh. So nothing regarding the fact that the main reason their product became a viral sensation was from every single person doing so was mocking the concept of an infantilized article of clothing was marketed to beta-males? You would think if your fashions were truly trend-setting that appearing in GQ Magazine and Esquire would have cemented the company’s fortunes.

No kidding. Those getups resembled something from the summer line in Pajama Boy’s closet.

Great idea, but I think this defines ”niche market”.

There was some speculaation as to the market forces that led to the demise of the clothier.

Oh now, who are you all kidding?! We know where the blame lies for the failure of the RompHim. That culpaability rests on the shoulders of one man —

Huh, and Senator Ted Cruz claims he’s concerned with the plight of the working…uh, ”man”…and here he is putting people out of work!