Last week for the Democrats was a remarkable tire fire inside of a dumpster tumbling down a ravine into a polluted river filled with piranhas. Yet despite an amazing series of disasters — from the Iowa Caucus to the State Of The Union address, to the impeachment acquittal, and the surge in Trump’s poll numbers — it takes an intrepid news organization see all of that and come up with something approaching bad news for the president.

Iowa grain silos became obscured by the mushroom cloud of the caucus debacle, but ABC managed to look over the GOP results and conclude there could be bad news for Trump.

You may have heard some details out of Iowa, such as the president receiving well over 95% of the votes, that ”challenger Joe Walsh was drowned out at a speech by supporters for Trump, or that he set a record for the largest turnout for an incumbent president. But ABC News knows better.

According to data from the Iowa Republican Party, 426 caucusgoers supported Weld on Feb. 3 compared to the 31,423 caucusgoers who supported the president.” This has led to Weld securing the upset of obtaining one delegate. Dire news for the President, we are told.

However small it may be, Trump losing out on one delegate signals at least some fracturing within the Republican party — and it could foreshadow similar results in upcoming elections.”

We checked, and can confirm, that this was not written by Max Boot nor Bill Kristol.

So we are supposed to be keeping an eye on Weld now, because the man who garnered 2.5% of the delegates used to be governor of New Hampshire, and in that state’s primary he could surge to as high as 7% of the votes


When this is the level you have to dig to find some negative news to report you have a real challenge ahead. But just to humor you folks at ABC, we’ll keep a wary eye on Weld and his groundswell of support.