President Trump was a significant presence at the Super Bowl yesterday. To go along with the traditional one-on-one interview the host network normally conducts with the sitting President the Trump 2020 campaign ran a commercial spot for the upcoming election.

It was a commercial that upon viewing you knew would get a strong reaction from those on both sides of the spectrum. His supporters would rave, his opponents would rail, and those in the middle would have their opinions drowned out by the shouting.

From the Never Trump side of things, we have Charlie Sykes who weighed in, and with just 2 words he managed to display all the petulance we have come to expect from him, and his fellow crew members.

Admiral Chaz, of the good ship Bulwark, comes off looking as petty and small as possible here. How he can call this ad ”cynical” when it only featured the woman describing her impressions about being freed from prison by the president in her own words is a mystery.

Many saw his knee-jerk snide remark as more indicative of his own repellant attitude.

Charlie’s bile was met with some countering theories. Seems almost that Sykes sounds upset over what Trump did for Alice, no?

It does appear to be the message Sykes is delivering here. Well, if he is comfortable in that position, there probably is not much that can be said to change his mind.

The revealing bit here — Michael Bloomberg also had campaign ads he ran during the Super Bowl, yet while those involved Bloomberg himself speaking about himself, there was no such venom from Sykes. The Trump ad that was a testimonial, however, was on the receiving end of his derision and scorn.

Oh right…Bloomberg is running on the Democrat party ticket. Charlie, as the self-described preservationist of conservative values, would never consider saying anything critical of a Democrat.