It has become growingly difficult to be Mitt Romney. The squish Senator from Utah drew his share of negative attention this week following his decision to break ranks and vote in favor of seeing witnesses in the impeachment trial.

As a result, a number of different sources are now putting Romney in the crosshairs. One Utah lawmaker is forwarding a recall bill, and citizens of the state have begun a recall petition. These are the reactions you get when you go against the will of your own state, given most Utahans oppose impeachment.

Another reaction he provoked — he has been officially left off of the docket at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference. Matt Schlapp, chairman of the conference held at the end of this month, came out to declare Romney is not a welcome presence.

Now, you can measure the level of import this carries based on your opinion of CPAC, but the real tell in all of this is where most of the support for Romney had emanated from the past week. When Democrats and the press are backing your actions not much else needs to be said.

The leftist reactions to the Schlapp announcement in support of Romney also tell the story.

Not sure why you accuse CPAC as being against all of those actions when preventing them took place in the House impeachment inquiry.

Probably bad timing to invoke the very phrase that Adam Schiff used and attributed to anonymous sourcing.

This is rather accurate.

One could say Mitt would not be missed, but since he is essentially left-of-center already it is more accurate to say he would not be noticed.