Maybe THIS is why the Dems do not provide evidence of their accusations. Here is a case of a reporter making a claim, and then the video proof actually shows he is completely delusional on the details.

We are all familiar with Playboy’s Brian Karem, the White House beat reporter who is desperate to become the next Jim Acosta. Karem has not backed away from that quest, as we see in a video he posted for his own edification.

Brian has taken a few cues from Acosta, such as getting work at CNN, being belligerent in the press pool and even having his credentials yanked by the White House. Now he is adopting Jim’s method of self-aggrandizement by shouting questions with no hope of being answered, then claiming he was rebuffed professionally.

In the halls of the Senate, Ted Cruz was fielding questions from a horde of reporters. As he wrapped the impromptu session a number of the journalists all began speaking over themselves, desperate to get one last quote. Brian recorded his own attempt, and he then claims Senator Cruz ducked his withering inquiry.

Okay, Brian? You do realize, we can see the video that you posted, and we can hear the audio, right? Sen. Cruz had already walked away well across the concourse once your bad faith question was delivered. By the time you stammered out your accusatory query, the Senator was approximately 30 feet away, with his back to you, while others were also talking loudly at the same time.

Making a guess here, but it seems Brian expects his readers and news consumers to be headline-reading dolts who do not actually consume content. This is a sterling case of, ”Believe what I tell you happened, not your lying eyes and ears!”

Serious question (not to trigger Brian with that kind of question): Exactly what was being served journalistically with this performance, Brian? Your question was a baiting accusation, not a search for some type of reportorial evidentiary collection. If Cruz had even heard the challenge he would have been right to ignore the childish display.


That is some advice they will never take into consideration.