So you mean Adam Schiff giving an hour-long dramatic reading of the facts is not drawing interest??

One of the takeaways on how bad the Democrats have done during the House impeachment inquiry was that polls showed a mounting disinterest in the impeachment, then we also saw the ratings during the farce were consistently dropping.

Well, after a one month delay and an introduction that has seen Democrats falling on their faces, things have not improved for their cause. It turns out the Democrat soap opera in D.C. is performing worse than — actual soap operas.

When you are attempting to tell the citizens how this is a historically grave moment in this nation’s future, and people would much rather watch their stories, it indicates that most are not buying your hysteria.

The fans meanwhile were showing disinterest in a dramatic phone call with Ukraine and far more upset with missing out on their daily dose of drama.

Maybe Schiff should have cried at the lectern, or maybe alleged that Mitch McConnell was having an affair with…KELLANNE CONWAY!!! (GASPS) (dramatic organ sting on the soundtrack)

Quite possibly a valid point here — those people who might be the most interested in this sham trial are actually at work. Then again, once home most of them watch Fox News, so not much change, at all.

Those are the numbers from Wednesday, and they got progressively worse on Thursday. While CNN had won in the key demo during the afternoon coverage, and MSNBC had the higher total viewers, on Thursday CNN averaged the fewest total viewers, while MSNBC averaged the fewest adults 25-54.

What little interest there had been is already eroding.

Cannot put it any more succinctly. Maybe they can stretch this out all the way to November…