If you have never heard the female rapper Cardi B speak, you are living a blessed life. Let’s just say, her oratory skills do not exactly convey the trenchantly cerebral musings of a deeply pragmatic thinker.

The former stripper, who dabbled this fall into the realm of acting…uh, by playing a stripper, is now hinting that a career in politics may just be the thing for her next phase in life.

Well…give her credit for at least recognizing the need for schooling.  Always encouraged. It should do wonders to improve those so much ideas.

But, a point of suggestion — Cardi may want to go back and maybe clean up some of those older Tweets of hers. They could, no matter how much schooling she completes, derail her political career.

Now, not to judge — there could be a micturating aficionado voting block out there she could appeal to — we just wonder how large of a constituency that could be.

Good point, Tony. She does have a few items in her past which could cause some challenges for her PR team. You know, those deadass skeletons in her closet…

And of course, the party that loves to condemn the fact that our current President is a former reality show host — as if he has done nothing else in his career — sees plenty to be impressed by Cardi B’s testing the waters.

Would this be a bad time to mention how unemployment just hit a 50 year low? Because it feels like the right time.

Seriously, the guy who daily proves you do not need an education to tweet dares impugn the schooling of others. This is the Cardi B support team.

The Democrats sure seem excited though. One of our favorites here at Twitchy even chimed in at Cardi’s announcement.

This is the party that wants to challenge President Trump. They may need to go back to school — to learn the definition of the word ”challenge”.