These days it is not enough we have to endure the political and socialist rantings from celebrities. (And gird yourself, with the entertainment awards season kicking off this weekend we’ll be subjected to plenty of these in the coming weeks.) The entertainment media is insistent on making social commentary a part of the coverage and the interpretation of activities in the entertainment industry.

The latest surrounds the Christmastime release of ”Little Women”. The film is performing reasonably well, especially considering the massive amount of movie competition this time of year. However, the cultured minds at WaPo sees a grave problem.

We are afraid, you see. It has nothing to with the fact that this is based on a book that was specifically written by Louisa May Alcott for young girls, or that the origin story is 150 years old. No — we males were terrified to see a centuries-old meandering tale of preteen girls doing farm work.

Whoah, there is a snag in the crankiness.

The thrust of this piece is that men are conditioned by society to not go see a movie like this…despite the reality that we have most likely been exposed to this story before…? That audience composites show only 40% of the audience is male is a problem, not a result of this being a bit of a tired premise.

Here is all you need to know bout the manufactured ”problem” behind this piece; When it is women who do not attend a film at a properly sufficient level there is no outrage. Note how you never hear about the gender imbalance of the audience when it comes to action movies, for example.

This summer when ”Hobbs & Shaw” was released the audience figures were predominantly male. Were womens afraid of ‘splosions and car chases???

Sure, that is bound to be the next one to come out — except that would go against the Outrage Editorial Guidebook. The editor will likely spike that piece.

Women. Strawwomen!!

Will someone be outraged? Can we target a privileged group? Will this make us sound so pompous that they might overlook the idiocy of our content? RUN THAT BABY!!!