If it were not for daft and provably false comments she’d have no comments at all.

AOC is at it again, trying in vain to sound bossy and authoratative, all while being shown to be completely inept and unfamiliar with the facts. This time is notable, only because it involves herself. With the Presidential race ongoing AOC has found that much of the media attention she once enjoyed is now focused on some politicians more important than herself, if only slightly so.

This results in injecting herself into the fray to get some of that camera time back.

It will always amaze when a politician tries to be critical of others supposedly influenced by cash all while being on the take themselves. Alex from then Bronx is notably ignorant here because she is pretending that her own campaign is not fresh on everyone’s mind, being run just barely one year ago.

Others were there to help jog her memory.

Huh, we can surmise then that AOC simply does not give a damn, by her own standard.

What is remarkable is that she believes that nobody is willing to reexamine her own campaign roots and note how she managed to find her way into DC. HINT — It was not through hand-written flyers and knocking on doors to get her name out.

Alexandria was part of a massive political experiment conducted by Saikat Chakrabarti for last year’s mid-terms. Chakrabarti is a former hedge fund player who then moved to Silicon Valley to start up tech companies. After cutting his political teeth working on the Bernie Sanders campaign he hatched a new plan for 2018.

Chakrabarti founded the PAC Justice Democrats, and used that to launch dozens of political campaigns, hoping some may in fact win an office and he could inject his politics directly into the DC pipeline. His partner in this venture was Zack Exley, a longtime operative in the Democrat party, including the Obama administration. Exley has a lengthy history with the Open Society Institute — backed by billionaire George Soros.

The duo set up a wide number of campaign offices with a Tennessee address, as well as a number of PACs, consulting firms, and campaign committees. The FEC laws state these cannot be legally comingled, a reason why AOC has been under campaign finance investigations.

When Alexandria shocked many with her win Saikat had his vehicle into DC. He became AOC’s Chief Of Staff and is essentially the one running her entire agenda. To call AOC his puppet is not hyperbole. The infamous Green New Deal? Part of the reason Ocasio-Cortez sounded so lost in describing it at times is that it was actually written by Chakrabarti — she was merely spouting off a script she had not written.

For her today to be complaining about billionaire-backed candidates being influenced by money is a remarkable example of hypocrisy. But we maybe cannot blame her entirely; she was probably fed those talking points from the people who paid for her political office.