Democrats have a perpetual Thud-Hate relationship with Christianity. Mainly party members enjoy scorching Christians politically and deriding the faithful whenever possible.

The other times leftists will try appropriating the religion to forward their own political agenda, and in so doing manage to expose their ignorance and intolerance in one swipe. It reveals so much when they move from calling the religion ”intolerant” and then pivot to declare the so-called ”hateful” religion makes their own case.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg attempted to work that secondary angle on Christmas Day, delivering a Tweet with a holiday message that was slightly less than heartfelt.

Not unlike the claims of the impeachment being a ”solemn” event for the Democrats (just don’t mind the rallies they staged, the joyous videos they recorded, and the cheering they made in the House chambers) this is an attempt to show reverence on the holiday AND to deliver a political narrative. It was a monumental failure.

This would be the same as If Mayor Pete approached a Nativity display and after bowing in prayer he then planted a ”Vote Buttigieg” yard sign inside the manger.

You can always count on the Democrats who lecture politically on the Bible will fail in spectacular fashion when it comes to Biblical content.

Summed — up.

The inability to refrain from signaling and messaging while pretending to deliver a solemn religious message is a constant trait of the Dems. Here was someone attempting to help.

It is just so easy, and yet impossible for them to execute, all at once.


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