It can be cute when the old guard tries to wade into the waters of what is currently culturally relevant. It is understandable; you see the ”hip and with-it” crowds all talking about the same thing because that item is ”hot”, so you try to use that same item to reach out and make a point.

And it frequently ends in disaster. Case in point: Lauren Michele Jackson, a professor at Northwestern University who writes on cultural appropriation, tries to deliver a learned and lengthy treatise on one of the biggest features in our culture at the moment. As we see, there is no ”try”, only fail.

The reactions have not been those of people overcome with the intellectual heft of the concept. Most seem to have come to the conclusion that intellectual impairment of some sort may be at play.

It seems evident that Ms. Jackson felt she had tapped into the cutting edge of the pop culture, but she really seems to have stepped on a rake, with ivy wrapped around its shaft. Most wanted to wave away her column with some finger waggles.

Adding to the obliviousness, Ms. Jackson was surely paid for this piece…

Now THERE is a plot twist!

NOW it makes sense! Well, not the article — a pile of bantha-droppings, it was — but the origination of the piece comes to light.


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