Oh Tater…

The man really should know better, but the fact that he continues forward in this fashion makes one wonder — does he actually know anything? Self-awareness is not his strong suit, this has been established.

But how does he not know how poorly he is perceived? How does he not know the mockery he invites? And hell, how does he not know how poorly the ratings on his network have been as a result of his brand of hackery?

With the House finally stumbling its way to an impeachment decision today Stelter felt it was a good time to ask how the press has been doing? Folks had a good time responding to him.

He used ”we” when he used the term ”journalists”. That’s precious.

So, how well have you all done?

There would be a measurable method to use, but doubtful Brian would do so.

Yoda here has a good idea. Thankfully someone took the time–

Some even had flowery responses to his question — and yes, we understand the risk of repeating these explosive missives.

By all indications, it would seem the overall assessment of the media performance ranges anywhere from an ”Incomplete”, to a ”Zero”. In other words, as best as can be expected.

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