The media who pretend to say they hate whenever the practice of ”gaslighting” is taking place have spent the bulk of this week gaslighting like municipal lamp utility technicians. Despite the utter disaster/fiasco/clownshow the Impeachment inquiry has become the press hammered constantly about how terrible this all was for President Trump.

One problem — fewer people care. The ratings for each day of the proceedings have been eroding, and polls are showing a growing disinterest in the public to impeach the president. This reality does not sit well with the minds over at MSNBC, and resident expert Chris Matthews has figured out the problem.

There are 2 ways of approaching this farcical stance. The first is we have on display the very insistence referenced above. Hostess Stephanie Ruhle is beside herself that more people are not seeing the obvious nature of guilt on display in these hearings. ”Hasn’t anybody watched these impeachment hearings over the last two weeks?”, she laments.

Ruhle next comes close to approaching the facts, but unintentionally so. ”Half the country is watching a completely different version of these events of news.” This trends close to the truth, because many are seeing the pure sham taking place. Note Ruhle never gives us the supposedly blatant evidence on display in these hearings.

Also not spoken is the primary reason these hearing have failed — the constantly shifting accusation. First, it was to be the president threatening Ukraine (remember the ”8 times on the phone call” assertion that disappeared.) Then it became quid pro quo, then not so much, then quid pro quo again, then it changed to the contradictory ”bribery” accusation. The President was going to be in trouble for withholding aid, or for offering aid — but either the case, he was in trouble.

Then this week the articles of impeachment were released, and neither quid pro quo NOR bribery was even included. Bur sure, the bumbling rake-steppers over at the Democrat party are blameless here.

The second approach is Matthews citing Fox News as the cause of this waning interest. What Chris is missing in his accusation is that if the lone conservative voice in news is steering the national narrative he is admitting that his own network, and CNN, and all the others who are trying to pump the impeachment narrative are failing against a single news source.

Is Fox a monolithic entity that cannot be conquered, or are people simply losing interest in the collective narrative pushed by the media complex? The very fact that they insist these hearings have been a consummate success explains it all.

We might be willing to entertain the idea of the inquiry being a massive success — just as soon as the Democrats settle on an accusation that they have proven.


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