For years now feminists have tried to screw up social interactions, criminalize basic interpersonal relations, deemed mundane of activities as tantamount to rape, and sell us on the power possessed by women while at the very same time making them victims of the most mundane of crimes at the hands of toxic patriarchy.

Summed up in a few words, they are bat-crap lunatics.

Not content with the monkey wrenches they have already tossed into the social gear works now arrives the latest advisory on how to behave with proper comportment, via feminist writer Suzannah Weiss.

Allow a moment here…one needs to step back from the keyboard, at the fear of being accused of ”Laugh-Rape” here…

Okay now…where to begin. We will refrain from suggesting that Suzannah has not received such a text herself, because that would just be mean.  How about we go with the simple fact that ANYONE who would feel the need to take the advice of Ms. Weiss is not likely to be someone with many potential digital suitors.

There are enough reasons to bypass her ”advice”.

She does have ”psychonautics” in her byline as well, so yeah.

The whole issue of consent regarding this practice seems one that already has a built-in fix. It’s called ”blocking”. But, Suzannah is here to help anyone who wants her assistance, despite the fact that anyone feeling a need to resort to this is not yet equipped for the world of sexting. By the looks of things that is not a long list of people seeking her blueprint.

Spontaneity is for oppressors.

Seems telling that both men and women have been less than stimulated by her dispassionate coupling advice.

Considering what an impersonal and sub-human form of expression she is promoting there truly is only one appropriate reaction.



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