Nobody tell Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but joining them soon on the debate stage are a pair of men who fit the bill of their favorite demographic to demonize — Billionaires!

Making it all the more ironic is that the two latecomers to the party — Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg — are doing something that Democrats also enjoy railing against, namely spending their unearned billions on political influence. Tom and Mike are not just outspending the rest of the candidates, they are doing so at an obscene level.

Combined they are dropping $100 million on TV ads, and they are outspending all the remaining candidate spending combined. It will be an amusing contortionist routine to watch half the candidates try demeaning the wealthy while standing beside the wealthy, and the two billionaires explaining how they are not evil, like the rest of the rich.

In addition, Steyer has dropped $10 million in one week just in the state of Iowa.

Hmmmm, seems like a lot, even in comparison. Millions, you say, are being squandered on advertising alone. Hmmm…

Also a solid source of mirth, all of the leftists who are rather bothered to see this level of largesse going to political efforts and not to charitable causes.

Sooooo, trying to put a Democrat in the White House is considered ”pissing away” a fortune? This could be the first time we agree with Markos.

Yes Oliver, it IS unwise to give Democrats money to spend politically. You are finally starting to get it!

It is so very refreshing to see that for a change it is not evil Republicans accused of being greedy and spending their money in an obscene fashion.

You just have to love it. We can bask in the glow of not just money set ablaze but the raging inferno of Democrat hypocrisy as well.