Call this a form of justice, maybe?

There was plenty of hype — and just as much derision — when Colin Kaepernick announced he was staging a workout for NFL teams. The attention-hungry former quarterback bickered with the NFL over the parameters of the event, then abruptly changed locales one hour prior to its start. What had drawn the attention of around two dozen scouts became seen by just over a handful as a result, and as of a few days ago, no teams took on the problematic passer.

Now however it can be said that one team — the Cleveland Browns — has offered a tryout as a result of the athletic display. Only thing is, we are not sure Colin is going to be too excited by it.

The Browns have announced they are willing to extend an invitation, based on what they saw on the field on November 16. — not to Kaepernick but to Jordan Veasy, one of the receivers who was running routes for Colin that day.

Veasy played football at the University of California. He turned pro in 2018 but had gone undrafted, spending a period of time on the practice squad of the Buffalo Bills. He holds more appeal than a self-centered diva under center.

You just know with all of the Kaepernick conspiracy backers many are going to speculate that was what took place.

It is rather good to see a story like that come out of this. Of course, we still have to scratch our head over Colin being paid millions by Nike to NOT play. That still buggers belief…