Bernie Sanders is such a joyous figure. He has a delivery that makes everything he says sound like it is coming from a crazed under-medicated coot. Granted, much of his policy ideas do fall into that category, but even rational ideas come off as something unhinged when poured from his mouth.

When Sanders speaks the first reaction generated is often, ”Well, you just lost control of the TV remote…”

It is so bad that even his tweets can cause that reaction. As an example, take this rather curious announcement from one of the most popular Democratic candidates, just minutes after Wednesday’s debate wrapped up.

For openers, by saying ”End of discussion”, following your comment you are enacting the exact OPPOSITE of a debate. But sure, semantics — we get it. So you boldly declare people 18 years of age should be able to vote.

Okay then…that is certainly a hot take — for anyone unaware of our nation’s laws. Maybe Bernie was tweeting while reading the Constitution…?? This landmark declaration was met with some curiosity.

Or, at the very least, the 26th Amendment.

But while it appears harmless that Sanders proposes legislation already in place, this does raise some confusion–

Maybe Bernie is suggesting once you turn 19 you lose the right to vote? That IS a radical plan!

Oh, holy paradox, Batman! (That’s a reference to a TV show from the 1960s, when Bernie was in his mid-40s.)

Except, he only uttered a single line… Now what do we do?!

Okay, you went too far. If you begin to mandate voters need to be living in order to vote the Democrats would lose a significant percentage of their support every election.

Was that a crack on Bernie’s age?! Maybe that is why he seems unclear on this nation’s laws…

(To clarify, since Bernie’s staff was incapable of doing so — this appears to be in regard to felons having the right to vote. Or, some felt it pertains to residents and aliens in this country. Either the case, since we are over 18 here at Twitchy we can choose to take Sanders literally in this ill-composed tweet.)