Sometimes you just need to laugh, and when that compulsory feeling arises a reliable source of mirth to read is The Guardian UK. Whenever there is a ridiculous leftist outrage that not only defies logic but trends towards self-parody you can count on The Guardian to have a stern op-ed coming out about it.

Meet Arwa Mahdwi, a very serious-so-totally-follow-her-every-word type columnist at the esteemed periodical, who wrote about Donald Trump Jr.’s book release.

A couple of things. First, she calls the book launch ”disastrous”, as he is about to debut as the #1 best-seller. Next, she complains about the alt-right being brought to power by the like of Don Jr., then she details how it was the alt-right who booed Trump Jr. off of a stage.

The best, however, is how Ms. Mahdwi states that the right is ”constantly triggered”. For anyone at The Guardian to make this accusation is the nadir of obliviousness. For this particular writer to do so takes irony to new lows.

In her piece on Trump Jr. she makes this statement; ”A delusional victimhood complex is at the very heart of rightwing ideology.” Oh social engineering expert, heal thyself.

After making this ludicrous charge of the right she comes out with a new column today. It is almost as if she has no reflective surfaces in her life upon which to gaze…

We have to assume that complaining about the temperature in your home being a sexist manifestation is NOT part of a victimhood complex. This is her take on the news we have all been laughing at the past couple of days, that had a university study declaring how men are oppressing their housemates via the thermostat.

Describing what is taking place as ”thermal bullying” (seriously, she dropped that phrase), Mahdwi is completely sincere in her appraisal of this deeply serious issue that in no way is a result of her being triggered. In referencing the study she declares the one controlling the thermostat in a home does so ”with an iron fist” because the ”thermostat dictator” is normally male.

Of course, Mahdwi breezes over this section of the study report;

Researchers report that women are more likely to report engaging in conflict over the temperature at home, while men are significantly more likely to say they engage in agreements and compromises.

Those agreeable iron-fisted compromising males are the worst! Ah, but we all know those males are just lying anyway. Just ask the expert, Arwa Mahdwi; she has a weekly newsletter, The Week In Patriarchy.

One thing you can be assured about — she is never triggered in her weekly reports.