Is corporate America is neutering gingerbread men???

Look, it is an understandable interpretation, given all of the social engineering we have been subjected to over the years. Add to the fact that it is Target Stores at the center of this story it becomes a default reaction. But upon deeper inspection, it is not quite the social horror.

What has people aghast with visions of gelding cookies dancing in their heads is this holiday offering from Target:

Over at the Daily Wire they picked up on the holiday outrage, as did a few others.

This was something that had reared up last year, as we saw the controversy over the gender of cookies being debated.

However, this is not an accurate read on the matter. While the catalog entry does say “Gender Inclusive” it is not, in fact, a reference to the gingerbread figure. Target has listings throughout its catalog for clothing items it lists as such.

It appears these are items that would be described as “Unisex”, and so the reaction to a neutered cookie figure need not be so outrageous.

Of course, there are those who will see these cookies as an object in need of politicizing. A number of people are making signaling statements by posting what they dub to be “Genderbread Person” cookies.

And in that “notice me” thirsty method of social preening, a bakery in New Zealand is once again selling asexual cookies of vaguely anthropomorphic representations for the holidays.

Here at least the shopkeeper is doing so as a tongue-in-cheek gag commentary. Additionally in the process, they have seen an increase in sales, so hey — if you can profit off of the self-serious mentality we have to endure, more power to you!