Hot on the heels of a woman arrested in New York because she was selling churros without a proper license we have a new episode of idiocy in action. New York arrests churro vendors? California says “Hold my beer – as long as you are of proper age and have the documentation to allow you to retain alcoholic beverages and have the appropriate recycling receptacles within a 50-foot radius and have surrendered the keys to your vehicle and have an Uber account in good standing to drive you home.

A man is recorded being detained by law enforcement for eating a sandwich.

As you can surmise, there is a bit more to the story, but it is absolutely ridiculous. First here is the video.

Now the initial reaction to this may be, “This cop is on a serious power trip,” as many have declared.

This actually unintentionally touches on the real point. Understand a few things; This was on the loading platform at a BART station. It turns out the officer was, in fact, enforcing what is a state law. Food is banned on the platforms of BART stations, and it is not just a rule. The state legislature had to go so far as to make eating in certain areas illegal.

Now, you can say this is oppressive enforcement, except as the officer calmly explains, he is not detaining the man for eating the sandwich but for refusing to comply. He is clearly being obstinate, repeatedly declaring he has done nothing wrong as he continues to eat when told he is in violation for doing so.

This example of interpreted “police brutality” had many invoking other instances of the overreach of authority.

Sure, because enforcing sandwich eating codes is about the same thing as police manslaughter.

This wrongful death case has at least some semblance to the California sandwich arrest. In Garner’s case, he was approached for selling “loosies,” individual cigarettes from out of state packs that did not have the proper state tax stamp on them. In other words, not unlike the churro arrest, cops were enforcing hyper-obsessive laws in liberal enclaves.

There is one more detail to the California sandwich bust that deepens the idiocy. This was not even a case of someone smuggling food that did not belong at all on the property. The sandwich in question was legally obtained — at the same train station.

This is correct. BART is refusing to allow people to eat the food on the platforms that is being sold on BART properties.

This is purely a walk-up eatery. The name of the establishment even implies that you can consume their food on the trains. This means the same legislators who are passing the food-ban laws at BART stations are granting operational licenses to food vendors at the same stations.

But sure, let’s give the cops grief for enforcing the nanny-state laws that contradict the sanctioned behavior they allow. It is perfectly fine for you to buy food and drink at BART stations, just don’t you dare think of consuming those items!