We all recall how Bernie Sanders was constantly being subverted in the 2016 primary by his own party. It became apparent how rules were changed and Hillary Clinton was being given intel ahead of debates to give her the decided edge for the party nomination.

Here we are more than a year away from the 2020 general election and already there are signs of Bernie being elbowed aside. With Iowa and New Hampshire looming all the candidates are focused on those states, and the polls are measuring the field on the regular.

Ryan Grimm has noticed that the news networks may already be favoring who they want to get the nomination — and once again, it is not Bernie Sanders. Grimm is a member of The Young Turks, so he is not a conservative voice, but even he is noting CNN is in the tank for Elizabeth Warren.

This is amazing, only on the level of the brazenness involved. This is more than interpreting poll data in a creative fashion; CNN is outwardly altering the results on the air — OF ITS OWN POLL!

The UNH/CNN poll has consistently been showing that Sanders has been in the lead in New Hampshire.

One cannot even claim there is a poll shift, or an anomaly taking place. From the text of this same poll: “Support for Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg has been unchanged since July.” The only change over this period has been the erosion of Joe Biden’s campaign. Sanders has consistently been leading Warren. Yet CNN attempts to insist Warren is the leader.

And the CNN report is even contradicted by one of its own reporters in the field of New Hampshire.

It might be time to round up all of the CNN “experts” and get them on the same page. It seems clear there is a desire to misrepresent the numbers — but you cannot change minds away from reality unless everyone is on the same message!

Now that is just funny right there. Expecting the CNN news-media expert to comment on this blatant manipulation of news is a futile wish. Only Fox News is wrong for doing this!

Here is a rather amazing point that does not get spoken about near enough:

It is getting remarkably bad at The Apple Network.

No, not funny — but they have become a joke.

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