Remember back when Adam Schiff was constantly saying that transparency was of vital importance in Washington? Or, when he would suddenly change that position when it suited his needs? Seems of late that latter version is what we are getting from the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Republicans are finally calling him on it.

This week a number of GOP members “stormed” Schiff’s impeachment inquiry (by slowly milling into the room). The reason was they were calling for more openness and exposure of what was being investigated. Next, Rep. Dan Crenshaw sent out this video that illustrated just how little of Schiff’s own transparency is taking place.

You get the sense that the knee jerk reactions are rooted in something other than common sense.

What these partisans miss is that Crenshaw did not say there were no Republicans in the room. He said that the information Schiff has been compiling is not being made to the larger House body, as laid out in the rules. Instead, there has been the institution of The Adam Schiff Rules, where only sitting members on the committee may be privy to this information.

But as Dan Crenshaw has stated, he has spoken with GOP members of those committees who have been in the chambers. Even they are being prevented from having access to these documents. And yet the press somehow is able to obtain details from these meetings…


This is something that Rep. Matt Gaetz (who led the GOP group that “stormed” this week) alluded to in a contentious interview on MSNBC.

As he corrected Hallie Jackson: “It is not an accident that you and I are having this interview on terms that are very favorable to the Adam Schiff theory of the case,” said the Florida politician. “When John Ratcliffe asked questions that I think poked holes in the allegations that Taylor made, we don’t get the benefit of those. They weren’t leaked, and they weren’t in front of the American people — and that’s the problem.”

And we can thank Adam Schiff for that problem. At least there are a few Republicans who are willing to stand up and challenge what is taking place.