Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, and like all other types of manufactured holidays were are supposed to care and play along. Apparently there are throngs of people in this nation who could not be inspired enough to do their civic duty unless there is ginned-up excitement and pressure from others taking place.

Failed Florida gubernatorial candidate and successful CNN personality Andrew Gillum sees a severe problem. There was a small matter of a state-run website being down for a few hours, at the inconvenience of some for a short duration. Oh, nope I’m sorry — IT WAS A CASE OF BLATANT VOTER SUPPRESSION!!!!

This must be a scandalous act of treason!

First correction, there is no Voter Registration Week. It is for one day.

Now before you rush off to the Federal Elections Commission to bring justice down upon the GOP here are the details of this scandal to end all scandals. In anticipation of the rush of applications anticipated tomorrow the Florida Department of State decided to shut down the registration website for a few hours for updates. This happened yesterday morning. It was back up and running by the afternoon.

Nobody was denied a vote (which was not taking place), and nobody lost a right to vote. The website was temporarily down. That is all. But, in the same fashion as racism, White Supremacy, Russian collusion, and any other oft-repeated charge, the accusation of “voter suppression” regarding any ballot activity has lost all meaning.

The outage was announced. On the very same website. Just because Andrew Gillum missed that detail does not mean our next election has been compromised.

Do you mean such as during the few hours, on a Sunday, when there is no voting activity taking place? That is a solid plan!

But of course looking at things objectively will do little to forward the narrative of dastardly behavior on the part of those rascals at Republican Party Headquarters!

Yes, all these voices of outrage from the Gillum acolytes have a great point about GOP dirty tricks!


This foaming at the mouth resistance talk about voter suppression is all undone by a simple question. If the website is down how come it means only Democrats were prevented for registering???

We can only assume that there was some unseen advantage for the Republicans when a website is taken offline for a few hours — and NOBODY is able to get on.